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BECS Project Financing Brokerage Services

Let BECS Concierge Services Team do the Project Financing Homework for you!!

Some energy projects are perfect for leasing, or financing.  If your company qualifies, leasing can be an extremely convenient way to get started.  Your investment is minimal, and is usually recovered through the savings in the first month or two.  From that point on, the savings created will typically exceed your lease payment.  This provides a profit or net gain every month until the lease term expires.  At the end of the lease term, monthly savings are 100% profit.  Lease payments are 100% deductible.  This results in an impressive after tax profit. 

Through BECS Concierge Services we provide you the assistance you need to secure financing for your project.  We can arrange the financing for you, or you may use your own bank or leasing company.

In just six easy steps, your company could be approved for an “BECS Energy Project Lease”