BECS - Business Efficiency Consulting Services

Business Efficiency Consulting Services or BECS is an innovative Consulting Firm, Alternate Energy, and Energy Savings Company (ESCO)  that partners with today's business leaders to continuously improve the efficiency of their businesses and buildings. BECS founder, Jorge Molina believes in driving new business through a vision of creating smart & strategic business alliances to unveiling additional value. BECS Innovative Consultancy Group develops partnerships with Business Owners, Engineers, and Energy Service Companies while providing a broad range of Energy Efficiency Services and Solutions in New York, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Our Services and capabilities include Design, Financing, and Implementation of Energy Savings Projects, Retrofitting, Energy Conservation, Energy Infrastructure Outsourcing, Power Generation and Energy Supply, Tenant Billing Services, Utility Bill Management, Risk Management, Behavioral Engagement, and Gamification, among others.
By using a holistic approach and after several months of intense research and analysis, BECS has developed a tailored Business Efficiency Offering being promoted as BECS Efficiency Concierge Services.

Figure EE01: BECS Efficiency Concierge Services

BECS final deliverable takes form of a Smart, Efficient, and Sustainable Turnkey Enterprise Solution that provides Financing for the Efficiency Retrofit, reduces Energy Consumption by as much as 30%, resulting in an Investors ROI of only 2 to 3 years. For the Building Owners, this translates to $0 Cash Down to kick off the Project, 30% less in Utility Bill Expenses every month. After the Project has paid for itself, the savings create an additional Revenue Stream by releasing the Energy Dollars that were trapped behind inefficient systems and Equipment and now are available as additional Buying Assets for Owner. The Customers also will receive an option to developing their own Green Revolving Funds with the Savings, creating a continuous cycle of funding for future Building Retrofits or Upgrades.

Impressive ROI's
PR Ranked #4 Most Expensive Energy


Energy Efficiency Risk vs Return

Business Scenario - Actual Energy Needs

Inefficient Buildings

(49%) 0f US Energy

Better Models

79% EE Projects

Not Approved

Implementation of

EE Best Practices

Reduce Consumption


Energy Cost

Climate Change Effect

Reduce Depletion of CO2

Implementation of Strategic Funding & Marketing Models

Predictive Active Smart Systems for

leveraging EE Data

Strategic Methods Cross-Collaboration


Investors Business Opportunity

$279 Billion
Investing Opp.
ROI 3-5 Years
$97 Billion
Commercial RE
387% ROI in
latest SEEA Study
Min. # of Players Private Finance Model
Promoted by US Gov / EPA & Private Corps.
Generate 3.3 Mil. Jobs per Year
Deplete 600 Mil. metric tons of CO/Yr

End User Energy Benefits

20-30 % Reduction In Utility Expenses
ROI 3-5 Years
+ New Revenue Stream
Increase Property Value
Positive Marketing and Media exposure
Climate Friendly by reducing CO2 Emissions
Energy Start Building Certification
Increase User Engagement with Educational Platform
Public Green Kiosks to promote Sustainability Program