BECS - Business Efficiency Consulting Services

BECS Energy Saving Solutions

BECS Energy Savings Performance Contract Solutions that work as an integrated system comprising several efficiency improving proven technologies. These work together to improving the overall Electrical Efficiency of the loads associated to the systems in scope in your facility.  Based on our Investment Grade Energy Audits, we would determined if Lighting, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Equipment are the technologies best suited to improving E-Efficiency in your facility.

Some of BECS Energy Saving Solutions are:

  • Chilled Water Optimization System (Analytics)
  • Lighting Retrofits (T8 or Incandescent to LED)
  • Utilities Smart Meters (Water, Energy, Gas) (Sub-metering)
  • Refrigeration Smart Controller
  • Refrigeration Efficient Evaporator Fans 
  • Refrigerant Cleaning Additive
  • Refrigerator Temperature Sensor Stabilizer
  • Window Ceramics
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Air Conditioning Control Unit

There are many ways to saving Energy!!!  Call BECS today and ask us how could we help. Tel: 646-820-3884